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Yummy link for cooking types

My family turned me on to this fancy and delicious Pomegranate Balsamic Vinegar and I thought I'd share out the company info so all you fancy-pants cooks can try it out. Turns out they also make flavored olive oils, and lots of variety in both.


Comments, Thoughts, and Questions

Making progress on Orpheus, but still anxious about having everything together before the players enter book 2. I don't want to spend time during that event looking stuff up; the adventure is just so cool there shouldn't be interruptions. Maybe I'm getting more worked up than I should, but I have such strong memories and associations with that scene that I really want everyone else to look back at it the way I do, too.

I'm really having trouble keeping interested in Wild Cards. I'm in book 4 Aces Abroad now, and it just isn't keeping me awake and absorbed like other books I've read have. Is this going to get worse? Should I give up now and start reading some more of the many books I have waiting eagerly for me to read? Or is this book just particularly slow/off-putting and later books will suck me in like a Fire & Ice book can? I already put it aside to read Wil Wheaton's "Just A Geek" (really enjoyed it btw - lots of self reflection and amusing tidbits of his life after Star Trek) because I'd been eying it for years before I finally bought it last month.

And finally, bills from Schrodinger are still a little mind-boggling. I hate that I lost so many hours last month, but at least I am finally working a full shift again for a month or so. I was really torn about taking time off for the camping trip this year, but I missed last year, and I really, really want to go. And I never get to plan stuff for the weekend anymore, so I won't get many other chances to see these friends.

Schro is doing great, btw. He has gained back all his weight and more, and is irritating Skygge to no end. :)


Sleep seems to be my favorite pastime now. I can't tell if it is due to depression, or to my crazy weekend schedule. Either way, I keep catching hints of depression, or at least, certain aspects of it. Lack of energy, needing lots of sleep, and simple tasks like cooking or eating seem like just too much work, like climbing a mountain for a cupcake. Of course, these could *all* be due to fatigue, too. Hence my confusion.

I also keep getting twitches in my left eyelid, or both when I'm really tired. The internet says eyelid twitches are usually caused by fatigue, stress, and caffeine, which makes me think it is a sleep thing more than a depression thing because caffeine is how I stay awake at work and what I'm using to try to adjust my sleep cycle.

Anyway, bah!

Slip of the brain...

Mike and I have been reading though the Thursday Next series (loaned by Cody). Last night he was frustrated to learn I hadn't finished the 4th book yet, so I wrapped it up today and started on book 5. I told Mike "I started the last book today", and he responded, "there's only 5 books? Does it wrap up the series?" paused and did a facepalm while I gave him the "how the hell would I know that?" look.

It was cute.

Also, mac and cheese is looking good so far. I only tried this once before and I was not thrilled with the result - the cheese was clumpy instead of smooth.



I am going to dive in and finally install Sims 3 World Adventures. People are still complaining about glitches, but some others seem to have lucked out. I might have to uninstall my game (again), but I don't want to wait any more.

Here goes...



*I* get spam comments now, really? Since when was I noteworthy enough to get LJ spam?

Why I wake up early...

Me: Ugh, just wait a couple more hours...

Schrodinger: Mama's awake! MAMA!MAMA!MAMA!MAMA!MAMA!
Me: noooo just let me sleep...

Me: Fine, I'll pee, but that's it. Then I'm going back to sleep.

Brain: Thankyouletter!Classreading!Haircut!Resume!JOB!Money!Car!Schoolwork!
Thankyouletter!Homework!Weekendplans!Cats!HumaneSociety!Work! etc, etc, etc...

Me: Ugh! I hate you all! Fine, I'm getting up! X(


looks like crap
So close to the end of school! I am getting excited/worried/scared/panicky. Very busy this quarter, so not updating much. Sorry. I have classes, am running a game (not a one-shot!), playing in three games, working on my resume and cover letter, and working. December cannot come fast enough. And it will get here all too soon...

I live, though. Just in case you wondered.



My travel mug disappeared from a Bond Hall restroom. I'm offering $20 cash, no questions asked, to get it back.

Please let me know if you have seen it! It is a Starbucks mug with gold leaf, pink (cherry blossom) flowers and has an image of a Japanese building in the background.

I appreciate any help, this was a gift!

Family fun

Going to head down to my parents' tonight, for our family's Sept. birthday gathering.

Got something for my mom, but still working on my brother. Sigh.

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